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About the Accessible Transportation Technologies Research Initiative

The Accessible Transportation Technologies Research Initiative (ATTRI) is a joint U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) initiative, co-led by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and Federal Transit Administration (FTA), with support from the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Joint Program Office (JPO) and other Federal partners. ATTRI conducts research to improve the mobility of travelers with disabilities through the use of ITS and other advanced technologies. ATTRI leads the research, development, and implementation of transformative technologies, solutions, applications, or systems for people of all abilities to effectively plan their personal and independent travel. ATTRI will enhance the capability of travelers to reliably and safely execute independent travel. ATTRI will identify, develop, and deploy new transformative technologies, applications or systems, along with supporting policies and institutional guidance, to address mobility challenges of all travelers, in particular, travelers with disabilities.

ATTRI research focuses on the needs of three stakeholder groups: people with disabilities, veterans with disabilities, and older adults.

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ATTRI will also develop technological solutions to lower or remove barriers to transportation according to four functional disabilities: visual, hearing, cognitive and mobility.

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ATTRI leverages recent advances in vehicle, infrastructure, and pedestrian-based technologies, as well as accessible data, mobile computing, robotics, artificial intelligence, object detection, and navigation. The technology is enabled by wireless communications that connect travelers and their mobile devices; vehicles; and infrastructure. The technologies used by ATTRI provide almost ubiquitous access to a wealth of real-time situational data sources, including data specific to transportation, municipalities, points of interest, crowd-sourced information, and accessibility data. Five (5) technology areas have emerged as ATTRI focus areas: wayfinding and navigation, assistive technologies, automation and robotics, data integration, and enhanced human service transportation.


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Research Contact

Mohammed Yousuf
Program Manager, ATTRI
Federal Highway Administration
(202) 493-3199

Jeffrey Spencer
ITS Team Leader
Federal Transit Administration
(202) 366-0550

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