Connected Vehicle Applications and Supporting Documentation

V2V Safety

Application Description

  • Emergency Electronic Brake Lights (EEBL)
    • An application where the driver is alerted to hard braking in the traffic stream ahead. This provides the driver with additional time to look for, and assess situations developing ahead
  • Forward Collision Warning (FCW)
    • An application where alerts are presented to the driver in order to help avoid or mitigate the severity of crashes into the rear end of other vehicles on the road. Forward crash warning responds to a direct and imminent threat ahead of the host vehicle
  • Intersection Movement Assist (IMA)
    • An application that warns the driver when it is not safe to enter an intersection—for example, when something is blocking the driver’s view of opposing or crossing traffic. This application only functions when the involved vehicles are each V2V-equipped.
  • Left Turn Assist (LTA)
    • An application where alerts are given to the driver as they attempt an unprotected left turn across traffic, to help them avoid crashes with opposite direction traffic
  • Blind Spot/Lane Change Warning (BSW/LCW)
    • An application where alerts are displayed to the driver that indicate the presence of same-direction traffic in an adjacent lane (Blind Spot Warning), or alerts given to drivers during host vehicle lane changes (Lane Change Warning) to help the driver avoid crashes associated with potentially unsafe lane changes
  • Do Not Pass Warning (DNPW)
    • An application where alerts are given to drivers to help avoid a head-on crash resulting from passing maneuvers
  • Vehicle Turning Right in Front of Bus Warning
    • An application that warns transit bus operators of the presence of vehicles attempting to go around the bus to make a right turn as the bus departs from a bus stop

Supporting Documentation

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Vehicle Turning Right in Front of Bus