U.S. Department of Transportation Releases 2017 Intelligent Transportation Systems Benefits, Costs and Lessons Learned Update Report

In 2017, the U.S. transportation system continues to face the ongoing challenges of improving safety, meeting rising transportation demand, and mitigating congestion and environmental impacts, according to the 2017 Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Benefits, Costs and Lessons learned.

The fact sheets, and the collection of web-based resources upon which they are based, have been developed by the ITS Joint Program Office (JPO) of the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) to support informed decision making regarding ITS planning and deployment.

To address the transportation challenges facing today’s communities, new transportation technologies are being developed and applied to improve safety and mobility and reduce the impact of travel on the environment. They include connected vehicles, automation, accessible transportation, smart communities, and mobility on demand. The new report features new fact sheets for each of these topics and updates on traditional ITS topics.

The fact sheets present information on the performance of deployed ITS technology, as well as information on the costs, benefits and lessons learned regarding ITS deployment and operations.

The ITS Knowledge Resources Database can be accessed at http://www.ITSKRs.its.dot.gov