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CradlePoint Router Wireless Connection

Items Needed

  • CradlePoint Router.
  • Computer/Tablet.


The following connection instructions are for setting up a wireless connection to the CAVe-in-a-Box local network. The routers do not contain active SIM cards for internet access. No internet access is required to connect to the kit. This section is optional. A direct connection via ethernet may be established instead.

1. Open the network connections icon at the bottom right of the taskbar. Refer to figure 6.

A screenshot shows how to access network connections on a Windows computer. An arrow points to the icon that opens the menu that is shown in the screenshot.

Source: FHWA.
Figure 6. Screenshot. Open Network Connections.

2. Select the router’s Wi-Fi SSID and enter the password. It may be one of the following two routers:

  1. IBR600C-ca2
    1. WA202500327110
  2. IBR600C-f30
    1. WA202500327328
  3. If not listed above, the SSID and password will be noted on the router itself.

3. The computer should now be within the CAVe-in-a-Box network.

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