Accelerating the Benefits of ITS Deployment for All Travelers

For decades, the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Joint Program Office (JPO) has been steadfastly researching the latest innovations in transportation technology. From electronic toll collection and dynamic message signs, to road weather forecasting and information systems, to lane departure warning systems, and more, our research has driven changes in our nation’s transportation system that have had lasting effects on the safety of our roads and the way Americans travel. We are not conducting research for research’s sake. Our eye is on ultimate deployment—and accelerating the benefits of deployed technologies for all travelers.

What we have learned in our decades of research is that accelerating successful deployment is a multipronged effort. To help with the transition of federally funded innovations into market-ready products ready for widespread use, we must:

  • Measure the effectiveness of ITS technologies
  • Ensure that transportation professionals are prepared for each generation of ITS
  • Evolve critical ITS architecture and standards tools to reflect technological innovations and advancements, while also maintaining required backward compatibility and interoperability
  • Communicate the value of ITS to the world.

We are doing this through our four technology transfer programs—ITS Evaluation, ITS Professional Capacity Building (PCB), ITS Architecture and Standards, and ITS Communications. By integrating these programs under one Accelerating ITS Deployment program area, the ITS JPO has created a technology transfer capability that supports transitioning federally funded innovations into use.

During this time of widespread telecommuting and virtual learning and education, these programs are having to adapt and innovate to continue to serve their communities. For example, our Communications program has shifted its focus to virtual speaking engagements and exhibit booths, as well as developed a virtual event toolkit. Our ITS PCB program has converted in-person training to virtual learning environments with interactive breakout groups to encourage participation and expanded online workshops to include interactive polling and panel discussions with subject matter experts using video conferencing tools.

As we look toward the future of our nation’s transportation system and the known and unknown challenges ahead, the ITS JPO will continue to advance the deployment of innovative ITS that promise safety, accessibility, and efficiency benefits for travelers across the country.

Ken Leonard
ITS JPO Director

Posted 11/6/20