ITS Joint Program Office


The U.S. DOT’s ITS program focuses on intelligent vehicles, intelligent infrastructure and the creation of an intelligent transportation system through integration with and between these two components. The Federal ITS program supports the overall advancement of ITS through investments in major research initiatives, exploratory studies and a deployment support program including technology transfer and training.

Organization and Leadership

The head of the ITS Joint Program Office (JPO) is Kenneth Leonard.  The Administrator of the Research and Innovative Technology Administration oversees the ITS Program.  The ITS JPO has Department-wide authority in coordinating the ITS program and initiatives among the following DOT Offices:

The ITS program director leads the JPO, which is comprised of program managers and coordinators of the US DOT's multimodal ITS initiatives. In addition, individual staff members manage technology transfer functions, such as National ITS Architecture development and maintenance, Standards development, professional capacity building and program assessment.


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