2 speech bubbles signifying a conversationITS CodeHub: Frequently Asked Questions

What is ITS CodeHub?

ITS CodeHub provides a single point of entry to discover the U.S. Department of Transportation's (DOT) publicly available open source code funded by the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Joint Program Office (JPO).

Where can I find the ITS JPO's available open source code?

You can view a catalog of all source code repositories discoverable through ITS CodeHub by clicking on the Code Repositories link in the left-hand menu. There you will be able to view all available repositories' names, descriptions and URLs to where the code is maintained.

How can I register my repositories on ITS CodeHub?

Check out the detailed registration process on the Repository Registration page. You will be asked to fill out and submit the linked form. Once complete, the ITS JPO Support Team will review your application and determine whether the repository will be made discoverable through ITS CodeHub.

Does ITS CodeHub have any guidelines for developing open source code?

ITS CodeHub encourages safe coding practices and for code to be developed with open standards in mind. Here is the ITS JPO CodeHub's Code Quality Best Practices Checklist:

  • No Usernames or Passwords
  • No Confidential Business Information (CBI)
  • No non-public internet protocol (IP) addresses
  • Code uses open standards from U.S. DOT Source Code ManagementExternal link icon
  • Code uses Open Source Software (OSS) licenses
  • Obtain appropriate data rights to custom-developed code
  • Establish processes for the review and approval of all requests to release custom-developed code as OSS

Download the ITS JPO CodeHub's Code Quality Best Practices ChecklistExternal link icon

For more information on coding practices, please see U.S. DOT's Open Source ManagementExternal link icon.

May I freely use and distribute the open source code I discovered on ITS CodeHub?

The open source code repositories discoverable on ITS CodeHub come with open source license information including terms for use. Check each repository's accompanying LICENSE and/or README file for additional information about use and reuse.

Is there a location where I can find transportation data to support the development and use of the source code discoverable through ITS CodeHub?

Yes, ITS DatahubExternal link icon provides a single point of entry to discover U.S. DOT's publicly available, reusable, and open ITS research data, including connected vehicle data. A wide variety of datasets are available on ITS DataHub including: connected vehicle messages, automated vehicle data, trajectories, field test data and connected equipment data. ITS DataHub is an excellent location to search for highly documented transportation data to support the source code found on ITS CodeHub.

What does "open source" mean?

Open source means the work is publicly accessible and can be used, modified, and shared by anyone. Open source works are distributed under licenses that comply with the definition provided by the Open Source Initiative. For additional information, please also see the Open License Guide (Link to Open License Guide).

Who can I contact for additional information?

For more information and any additional questions or concerns, please contact the ITS JPO Support Team at data.itsjpo@dot.gov.