U.S. Department of Transportation's Accelerating Vehicle-to-Everything Cohort: A Message from ITS JPO Director Brian Cronin

The U.S. Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT) is committed to reducing deaths and serious injuries on our nation's roadways by accelerating the deployment of interoperable vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technologies. Achieving this ambitious goal will require the cooperation of many stakeholders, including state and local governments and other deploying agencies across the nation. For this reason, the Intelligent Transportation Systems Joint Program Office (ITS JPO) recently established a cohort of more than 30 public agencies that are deploying V2X technologies.

The Accelerating V2X Cohort provides a forum for deployers to share their experiences, challenges, best practices, and documentation with their peers. The intent is to create a community of practice where members can collaborate to address technical V2X implementation questions and share what they have learned. The cohort meets virtually each month to discuss technical and supporting elements for V2X deployment, ranging from concept planning, design, procurement, testing, field deployment, and operations and maintenance. Early meetings are addressing such topics as V2X strategic planning and funding; V2X performance measures and benefits; and V2X applications and use cases. The cohort is also discussing open-source V2X tools developed and supported by the U.S. DOT, including the V2X Hub, MAP Creation Tool, TIM Message Creator: Traveler Information Tool, and Operational Data Environment.

Accelerating V2X Cohort Members (as of March 2024)
Accelerating V2X Cohort Members (as of March 2024)

Cohort members are using state or local funding as well as federal funds to advance their V2X deployments. Many are leveraging funding from Advanced Transportation Technologies and Innovative Mobility Deployment (ATTAIN), Strengthening Mobility and Revolutionizing Transportation (SMART), Safe Streets and Roads for All (SS4A), and other federal grant programs made possible through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. Together, cohort members have deployed and are continuing to deploy roadside units as well as onboard units on public fleet vehicles. The top V2X applications that cohort members are deploying include:

Safety applications

  • Pedestrian in Signalized Crosswalk
  • Emergency Vehicle Preemption
  • Curve Speed Warning
  • Reduced Speed Warning
  • Red Light Violation Warning
  • Wrong Way Entry Warning

Mobility and environmental applications

  • Traffic Signal Priority
  • Intelligent Traffic Signal Systems (I-SIG)
  • Queue Warning

Traffic advisory applications

  • Work Zone Advisories and Warnings
  • Incident and Road Closure Advisories and Warnings
  • Road Weather Advisories and Warnings

Data collection applications

  • Road Weather Data Collection
  • Probe-enabled Traffic Monitoring
  • Probe-based Pavement Maintenance

As the cohort progresses, we will continue to share information with the larger V2X community. Public agencies interested in participating in the cohort should contact J.D. Schneeberger, ITS JPO Knowledge and Technology Transfer Program Manager, at john.schneeberger@dot.gov.

For more V2X resources, visit the Smart Community Resource Center.

Brian Cronin, Director, ITS JPO

Posted 3/28/24