Intelligent Transportation Systems Joint Program Office Staff Listing

Egan Smith

Egan Smith, Acting Director

(202) 366-9224

Egan is the Acting Director of
the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
Joint Program Office (JPO).

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Colbert, Delores
Staff Assistant

Hartman, Katherine K.
Chief, Research & Evaluation
(202) 366-2742

Omay, Murat
Program Manager
Data Access and Exchanges
(202) 366-4374

Park, Hyungjun, Ph.D.
Program Manager
(202) 366-9126

Pina, Mike
Program Manager
(202) 366-3700

Pincus, Marcia
Program Manager
ITS Deployment Evaluation
(202) 366-9230

Schneeberger, John
Program Manager
Knowledge and Technology Transfer

Sheehan, Robert, P.E., PTOE
Program Manager
Architecture, Standards, and Cybersecurity
(202) 366-6817

Solter, Michael
Chief Program & Resource Management
(202) 366-4259

Vadakpat, Govind, Ph.D., P.E., PTOE, PMP
Program Manager
Smart Infrastructure
(202) 366-5004

Williams, Dana
Administrative Officer
(202) 366-2180

Zlotchenko, Elina, PMP, FAC/PPM III
Program Manager
ITS4US, ITS4Equity, and Program Management Office