Intelligent Transportation Systems Joint Program Office Staff Listing

Kenneth M. Leonard

Kenneth M. Leonard, Director

Kenneth M. Leonard was named the
Director of the U.S. Department of
Transportation (USDOT) Intelligent
Transportation Systems Joint
Program Office (ITS JPO) in
December 2012. He is a member
of the Federal government's
Senior Executive Service.

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Egan Smith

Egan Smith, Managing Director

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Colbert, Delores
Staff Assistant

Dopart, Kevin
Program Manager
Vehicle Safety and Automation
(202) 366-5004

Hartman, Katherine K.
Chief, Research, Evaluation, & Management
(202) 366-2742

Noch, Michelle
Program Manager
Professional Capacity Building
(202) 366-0278

Pina, Mike
Program Manager
(202) 366-3700

Pincus, Marcia
Program Manager
Environment (AERIS) and ITS Evaluation
(202) 366-9230

Sheehan, Robert
Program Manager
Multimodal ITS Research and Deployment
(202) 366-6817

Sill, Steve; P.E., PMP
Program Manager
Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Architecture,
Standards and Cybersecurity (ASC)
(202) 366-1603

Smith, Egan
Managing Director
(202) 366-9224

Solter, Michael
Chief Program & Resource Management
(202) 366-4259

Walker, Jonathan
Chief Policy, Architecture, and
Knowledge Transfer
(202) 366-2199

Williams, Dana
Administrative Officer
(202) 366-2180

Zlotchenko, Elina
Program Manager
Program Management Office