The goal of Accelerating Deployment is to speed up the transformation of ITS research and prototypes into market-ready technologies that are commercially viable. As new ITS technologies and systems evolve into market-ready products, the initiatives associated with Accelerating ITS Deployment focus on transitioning federally funded innovations into adoption and widespread use. The ITS JPO seeks to help stakeholders, including federal, state, and local transportation departments, to deploy maturing ITS systems effectively and safely.

ITS JPO has four technology transfer programs under Accelerating ITS Deployment:

  • ITS Professional Capacity Building (PCB)
  • ITS Architecture and Standards
  • ITS Communications and Outreach
  • ITS Evaluation

These programs provide communication and educational support to facilitate awareness, understanding, acceptance, adoption, and deployment of ITS technologies across stakeholder groups and ensure effective partnerships are fostered and developed at various levels—executive, program, and project. They provide knowledge transfer and support technical assistance, training, outreach, program evaluation, and other stakeholder engagement. Together, these programs advance ITS research to initial adoption and, subsequently, on to wider-scale deployment in coordination with other stakeholders at the federal, state, regional, and local levels.



As connected and automated vehicle technologies progress, the workforce will need new knowledge, skills, and abilities to drive implementation. The ITS PCB program develops training courses to advance the ITS workforce as well as webinars, in-person workshops, and other forms of training to educate current and future transportation professionals.

ITS Architecture and Standards

This program makes both regional and project-planning software tool sets available as well as a reference architecture with over 130 user services. It also identifies interfaces for standardization and recommends suitable standards, highlighting and enabling multiple suitable technology choices whenever viable. The program also conducts extensive implementation support activity, providing technical support along with systems engineering and architecture implementation workshops to both state and local organizations.

ITS Communications and Outreach

The Communications and Outreach program accelerates deployment through targeted market opportunities and tailored ITS products. The program is a key factor in establishing partnerships that result in knowledge sharing and transfer of next-generation ITS to the commercial marketplace. It also educates the public and provides stakeholders with the tools they need to promote deployment of ITS technology.

ITS Evaluation

The ITS Evaluation Program supports the Connected Vehicle Pilot deployment and smart city evaluation efforts; conducts the ITS Deployment Tracking Survey; documents benefits, costs, and lessons learned from ITS deployments; and conducts studies of ITS program effectiveness.

For questions about the USDOT's Accelerating Deployment program, contact:

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