Transportation Safety Advancement Group

The Transportation Safety Advancement Group (TSAG) serves an important function on behalf of the U.S. Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT), Office of the Secretary of Transportation, and the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Joint Program Office (JPO). Through its members and communities of interest, TSAG identifies and promotes surface-transportation-based technologies and applications and supports a national dialogue to improve the safety of emergency responders and the public through technology. TSAG looks toward a national transportation services vision that advances public safety through connectivity and enhanced awareness.


Public and transportation safety is fully integrated and enabled through the use of technology.


TSAG identifies and advances technologies to improve public safety response and efficacy in transportation systems and promotes transportation safety and efficiency in concert with the U.S. DOT ITS JPO.

Strategic Direction

Through its special projects, work plan, and outreach activities, TSAG promotes technologies and best practices that minimize transportation incident impacts and support safe and efficient emergency response and management through interdisciplinary and interagency communications and coordination.

Operating Principles

TSAG is dedicated to advancing public safety across transportation modes, transportation services and functions, and transportation and public safety jurisdictions. TSAG has defined the following Operating Principles.

  • Improved Public Safety Through Technology: The advancement of proven and emerging technologies for traveler safety and for the safety of emergency responders remains a TSAG priority as these technologies and broader ITS are deployed.
  • Improved Public Safety Through Strategic Alliances: Strategic alliances, partnerships, and institutional frameworks that serve to advance transportation safety and mobility through technology are encouraged and promoted through TSAG support of relevant public policy, technology research, and competitive and open technology.
  • Improved Public Safety Through Knowledge Transfer: TSAG advances traveler and emergency responder safety by sharing knowledge, promoting awareness, and exchanging experiences—all employed to create a national awareness of, and connection to, transportation and public safety goals and achievements.

Current Products

FirstNet, Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG 911), and Connected Vehicles: TSAG examined the history of FirstNet, NG 911, and connected vehicles to provide an overall picture of where these technologies are today and what the near future holds.

Advanced Automated Collision Notification (AACN): AACN provides life-saving information by reducing the time required for detection, notification, and response to an incident. It can also enhance patient care through provision of real-time patient information. This project looked at existing and future AACN applications and the opportunity to improve patient outcome.

Infrastructure-to-Responder (I2R) Future Opportunities: I2R technologies allow critical, real-time information about infrastructure, weather, resources, and operational conditions to be communicated to responders. Future opportunities for vehicle and responderworn communication will improve situational awareness and responder safety.

Connected Responder: This project developed a comprehensive Connected Responder business case to educate, engage, and inspire crucial communities of interest to leverage the full potential of connected vehicle technologies.

TSAG Communities of Interest and Liaison Orgs

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