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Intersection safety is a growing issue, especially for vulnerable road users.

Dangerous Intersections

Intersection Crashes

Each year roughly one–quarter of traffic fatalities and about one–half of all traffic injuries in the United States are attributed to intersections (FHWA Safety).

Rising Vulnerable Road User Deaths

Rising Vulnerable Road User Deaths

Vulnerable road user fatalities are on the rise with pedestrian fatalities up 13% and pedalcyclist fatalities up 2% in 2021 compared to 2020 (NHTSA).


Leverage emerging technologies to improve intersection safety at scale in a new way.

Data Fusion Utilizing Existing and Emerging Sensors

Data Fusion Utilizing Existing and Emerging Sensors

Emerging, low-cost sensors can be deployed at intersections for improved sensing of vulnerable road users. Data from these sensors can be fused and used in new ways by AI.

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Artificial Intelligence /Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence /Machine Learning

AI/ML can fuse data from multiple machine vision sensing modalities rapidly to improve situational awareness and anticipate potential conflicts.

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Low-Cost, High-Value Opportunity for Integration at Scale

Low-Cost, High-Value Opportunity for Integration at Scale

These existing technologies have not been deployed together at intersections broadly, offering an opportunity ripe for innovative collaboration.

This Challenge aligns with the National Roadway Safety Strategy (NRSS) and supplements current and existing U.S. DOT safety and equity efforts (e.g., FHWA Complete Streets, Proven Safety Countermeasures).



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