ITS4US Program Procurement and Phase 1 FAQs


How do I get access to the webinar materials and other publications?

All webinars are recorded. Recording and presentation slide decks will be posted to the Complete Trip-ITS4US website. Once completed, all program deliverables will also be posted on the program website.

Program Funding and Awards

What sites have been selected for funding by USDOT?

U.S. DOT announced Phase 1 awardees on Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Procurement Process

How will future phases be procured and funded?

USDOT awarded Phase 1 as a contract and anticipates awarding Phase 2 and 3 as a cooperative agreement. There will be not be a down select process between each phase. Progressing to additional phases after the completion of Phase 1 is dependent upon successful completion of each phase, funding availability, and is at the discretion of the Government.


What technologies have been proposed and which trip segments will be addressed?

A key component of the Complete Trip – ITS4US Deployment is to develop solutions that uses and integrates Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and other emerging technologies and services to address travel challenges for multiple trip segments to help achieve the vision of a complete trip. For details on specific technologies proposed by the Phase 1 awardees and complete trip segments to be addressed, please stay tuned for more details on each site to be posted soon on the program website.

Data and Software

Can you give more detail about the kind of data (including daily and real time data) that will be useful to share and how it will be shared in Phase 1?

The USDOT is seeking data from deployed devices, vehicle and other equipment that can be used to characterize the deployment function and performance. The USDOT intends to share this data to support additional research in the area of emerging technologies to support enhanced mobility for all travelers. Real-time feeds of these data are of particular interest. However, no proprietary data need be shared openly, and no data containing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) will be shared. Data sharing will be coordinated through USDOT data-related programs.

What are the data requirements in Phase 1?

Phase 1 includes the development of a Data Management Plan that describes the underlying data-related needs of the Deployment Concept, i ncluding needs related to protecting the privacy of users, ensuring secure operations, and outlining a high-level approach that addresses these needs.

Performance Measures and Evaluation

Will there be an independent evaluation?

Yes. The program intends to conduct an independent evaluation of all complete trip deployment sites. Volpe National Transportation Systems Center will conduct the evaluation.

Are Phase 1 awardees responsible for identifying performance measures to measure success of our specific Complete Trip Deployment?

Yes, each team will be responsible for developing a Performance Measurement Plan that identifies performance measures or metrics as well as plans for collecting data and reporting on the performance.


Will Phase 1 awardees conduct a comprehensive needs gathering and analysis?

For this project, agencies or organizations were expected to have a relatively good understanding of the needs and challenges that exist within each community to help inform the concept vision for the proposals. Phase 1 awardees will conduct a more comprehensive and complete user needs gathering and analysis effort in Phase 1. This effort will ensure it is solving needs of the community and be used to refine project concepts.

Research Contacts

Please explore this site for a more detailed description of the program and progress. We will continue to upload relevant program information for public consumption as it becomes available. For inquiries regarding the program, please contact the USDOT Point of Contact below.

Elina Zlotchenko

Program Manager, ITS Joint Program Office

(202) 366-1697