Complete Trip - ITS4US Program Overview

The Complete Trip - ITS4US Deployment Program is a $40 million multimodal effort, led by the ITS JPO and supported by OST, FHWA, and FTA to identify ways to provide more efficient, affordable, and accessible transportation options for underserved communities that often face greater challenges in accessing essential services. The program aims to solve mobility challenges for all travelers with a specific focus on underserved communities, including people with disabilities, older adults, low-income individuals, rural residents, veterans, and limited English proficiency travelers. This program will enable communities to build local partnerships, develop and deploy integrated and replicable mobility solutions to achieve complete trips for all travelers.

Research Contacts

Please explore this site for a more detailed description of the program and progress. We will continue to upload relevant program information for public consumption as it becomes available. For inquiries regarding the program, please contact the USDOT Point of Contact below.

Elina Zlotchenko

Program Manager, ITS Joint Program Office

(202) 366-1697