Technical Events & Publications

Technical Reports for Phase 3 Operation and Maintenance

New York City (NYC) DOT Pilot Technical Reports

  • FHWA-JPO-18-713: Operational Capability Showcase Plan (OCSP) - NYCDOT
  • FHWA-JPO-18-714: Operational Capability Showcase Summary - NYCDOT (coming soon)
  • FHWA-JPO-18-715: System Performance Report - NYCDOT (coming soon)
  • FHWA-JPO-18-716: Comprehensive Transition Plan - NYCDOT (coming soon)

Tampa (THEA) Pilot Technical Reports

Wyoming (WY) DOT Pilot Technical Reports

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Connected Vehicle Pilot Deployment and Program Evaluation

Phase 3 Operation and Maintenance (June 2019 - present)

Phase 2 Design, Build, and Test (Sep 2016 - present)

Phase 1 Concept Development (Sep 2015 - Sep 2016)

Preliminary Planning Phase (April 2014 - Sep 2015)