Connected Vehicle Applications and Supporting Documentation

Agency Data

Application Description

  • Probe-based Pavement Maintenance
    • An application that allows vehicle to automatically report potholes or other pavement anomalies
  • Probe-enabled Traffic Monitoring
    • An application that utilizes communication technology to transmit real time traffic data between vehicles
  • Vehicle Classification-based Traffic Studies
    • An application that would allow sorting of vehicle behavior data by vehicle type
  • CV-enabled Turning Movement & Intersection Analysis
    • An application that uses paths self-reported by vehicles to track turning ratios, delay, and other intersection metrics
  • CV-enabled Origin-Destination Studies
    • An application that uses connected vehicle technology to monitor the beginning and end points of a vehicle’s journey and extrapolate the route in between
  • Work Zone Traveler Information
    • An application that monitors and aggregates work zone traffic data

Supporting Documentation