Connected Vehicle Applications and Supporting Documentation

Road Weather

Application Description

  • Motorist Advisories and Warnings (MAW)
    • An application that will use road-weather data from connected vehicles to provide information to travelers on deteriorating road and weather conditions on specific roadway segments
  • Enhanced MDSS
    • An application that will acquire road-weather data from connected and other general public vehicles to recommend treatment plans and weather response plans to snow plow operators, and drivers of maintenance vehicles
  • Vehicle Data Translator (VDT)
    • An complementary application that, when installed on road service vehicles such as snowplows, collects road and atmospheric conditions data and transmits them to other portions of the road weather management network
  • Weather Response Traffic Information (WxTINFO)
    • An application that will use connected vehicle data and communications systems to enhance the operation of variable speed limit systems and improve work zone safety during severe weather events

Supporting Documentation