ITS Turbo Architecture Version 5.0 is Now Available

The Research and Innovative Technology Administration’s (RITA) Intelligent Transportation System Joint Program Office (ITS-JPO) announces the release of Turbo Architecture Version 5.0, which is now available as a free download from the Turbo Architecture area of the National ITS Architecture web site.

Turbo Architecture is a software tool used to develop and maintain regional ITS architectures and users are provided a help line and website support.  Using National ITS Architecture, originally released in 1996 and currently in version 6.1, stakeholders can gain insight into the opportunities for information sharing from one transportation system to another to improve transportation safety, operations, and mobility.

Version 5.0 of Turbo Architecture is a major upgrade that incorporates key enhancements and new features that were requested by Turbo users through the Turbo Help Desk and an on-line survey.   Using Turbo Version 5.0, one can:

  • Use the new Planning Tab to connect regional planning objectives and strategies with the regional ITS architecture.
  • Use the new Market Package Search feature to quickly find the right market package.
  • Spell check work using the new interactive spell check capability.
  • Export Turbo data as Microsoft Word tables and Excel worksheets to create ready-to-publish tables.
  • Publish a report in Microsoft Word that addresses the FHWA Final Rule / FTA Policy, with standard document chapters devoted to each requirement of the final rule.

Version 5.0 also includes a Turbo Conversion facility that supports quick and easy conversion of existing Turbo databases, providing a convenient migration path for existing Turbo users.  System requirements for upgrade include PC-compatibility, XP, Vista, or Windows 7 Operating systems, 150MB space available on the Hard Drive, and a minimum of 1024X768 Monitor Resolution.

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