Letter from the Director Congratulating ITS JPO Staff Award Winners

I want to take a moment to thank and say how proud I am of the ITS JPO staff.  Yesterday, four ITS JPO staff received honors during the Research and Innovative Technology Administration Awards Ceremony. They were:

  • James Pol for establishing a project management office within the JPO, developing tools that have been used across the department to enhance project management processes, and for leading the Department’s first Challenge initiative
  • Mike Pina for enhancing the ITS JPO’s communications and resources available to stakeholders
  • Steve Sill for leading the Department’s activities in international harmonization of ITS standards
  • Delores Colbert for her role on the RITA Employee Quality Council

In addition, John Augustine, JPO’s Managing Director, received a Secretary’s Award on November 3rd for his outstanding leadership of the ITS JPO during a year of tremendous growth and visibility of our research programs.  The JPO’s strong showing in these awards is a testament to the passion and dedication of our staff to making an impact through the work that they do. Please join me in congratulating these individuals!

Shelley Row,
Director, ITS JPO