ITS Joint Program Office Director Shelley Row will leave USDOT at the end of September

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to announce that Shelley Row, Director of the ITS Joint Program Office (JPO), will be leaving USDOT at the end of September. Shelley leaves government service to pursue transportation and ITS consulting opportunities as well as to launch her new company in leadership development, speaking and coaching. Shelley has been an exceptional government and industry leader for the ITS program and, together with the Joint Program Office staff, has developed strong partnerships across USDOT modal administrations. We will miss Shelley’s dynamic leadership and we wish her well in her new endeavors.

The Director of the ITS JPO is a critical position; consequently, every effort will be made to fill the position promptly. In the event that the new Director has not been named when Shelley departs at the end of September, leadership of the ITS JPO will be maintained by the senior leadership team within the JPO on a rotating basis.

Much work remains to be done as we move the connected vehicle research into implementation. Next month we launch the Safety Pilot and we reach several key milestones on the road to the NHTSA 2013 agency decision. We are confident that the team of professionals at the ITS JPO and our partners in the modal administrations will continue their excellent progress in the coming year.

We look forward to continuing our strong collaboration across USDOT modes and with the ITS industry. Mostly, we look forward to implementing this important connected vehicle technology and continuing its development for more applications.

Yours truly,
Deputy Administrator Greg Winfree