ITS JPO Releases Turbo Architecture Version 7.0

Turbo Architecture is a software application that supports development of regional and project ITS architectures using the National ITS Architecture as a reference.  Turbo Architecture is heavily utilized by transportation system professionals in both the public and private sectors to document the inventory and interfaces for regional and project ITS architectures.  Turbo Architecture 7.0, available by free download, is compatible with the National ITS Architecture Version 7.0 released on February 1, 2012.  Beginning with this update, Turbo Architecture’s version number matches the version number of the corresponding version of the National ITS Architecture.

Turbo Architecture Version 7.0 includes a host of new features and capabilities including:

  • View Service Package Diagrams: View the service package diagrams from the National ITS Architecture as you use the Search capability to find and review the service packages for your architecture.
  • Publish Project Architecture Documentation: Click a button to publish a project architecture document in Microsoft Word.  Turbo Architecture creates a fully formatted document that includes chapters for stakeholders, inventory, operational concept, services, interfaces, and standards.
  • Clear Filters with One Click: In previous versions, every filter setting had to be cleared individually, one by one.  In Version 7.0, all filters can be cleared with a single click.
  • Autoselect Services:  The Planning Tab, introduced in Version 5.0, allows transportation goals and objectives to be defined and related to performance measures and service packages.  In Version 7.0, an Autoselect button has been added to the Services tab that will transfer the service package selections from the Planning tab to the Services tab.
  • Context Menus:  Make your text entries quickly and accurately using the new context menus.  Right-click to undo, cut, copy, paste, select all, or spell check your text entry.

Turbo Architecture Version 7.0 includes a Conversion facility that supports quick and easy conversion of existing Turbo databases, providing a convenient migration path for existing Turbo users. Learn more about the National ITS Architecture.