Message Regarding February 27, 2015 Connected Vehicle Pilots Broad Agency Announcement Virtual Session

Unprecedented stakeholder interest in the Connected Vehicle Pilot Deployment Program overwhelmed USDOT webinar services, causing a system crash that shut out all participants from the planned visual portion of the event.  The webinar, a question and answer session regarding the CV Pilots Broad Agency Announcement (BAA), DTFH6115R00003, drew an exceptionally large number of participants, in excess of previously tested limits.  Despite the crash, audio service was maintained, and after a short delay, the Q&A session continued as an audio-only event.

The CV Pilots program would like to apologize for the technical problems during the webinar, and would like to thank the CV Pilots stakeholders for both their patience and continued strong interest in the program.   To fix this issue, we have initiated an effort seeking a viable technical solution for larger webinars so that all interested stakeholders can be accommodated in future CV Pilot events.

The webinar covered questions submitted prior to the cut-off deadline of February 20, 2015. A text summary of answers to these questions can be found at: