Intelligent Transportation Systems Joint Program Office to Host Connected Vehicle PlugFest for Device Makers

The U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) will hold its next Connected Vehicle PlugFest in Novi, Michigan on November 15-18, 2016. These events provide a venue for vendor-to-vendor connected vehicle device testing as needed to develop certification services for multi-vendor connected vehicle networks.

Three certification service providers (Danlaw, OmniAir, and 7Layers) will be on site to demonstrate certification testing products developed through the USDOT Certification Testing Program. Testing will focus on verifying conformance to current baseline standards (i.e., SAE J2945/1, IEEE 802.11, IEEE 1609.2, IEEE 1609.3, and IEEE 1609.4.) developed for V2V (safety) and V2I applications.

Two separate sessions are planned. Detailed agenda

Session-1 (November 15, 2016) Presentations covering general interest topics will include participants from industry, USDOT management, and the Certification Operating Council. This session will be open to anyone who is interested to attend and will be broadcast on the web.

Session-2 (November 16-18, 2016) Break-out sessions will focus on certification testing activities for organizations that are developing products, software, and systems for the CV-Pilot sites, and opportunities for interoperability testing will be provided. This session will be limited to organizations that have devices or systems that they would like to verify against the test procedures offered. Private indoor areas can be reserved to conduct bench testing and vehicle testing if needed, however, USDOT will not be providing vehicles. To facilitate testing, vendors are encouraged to prepare test plans using the following test specifications for different equipment types. Test Specifications (click here). Privacy Statement Forms will be available on-site to promote collaboration and interoperability testing if needed at the discretion of each participant.

Travel Planning Information

Event location: Danlaw Building 3, 41131 Vincenti CT, Novi, MI 48375

Accommodations: Corporate rates are available at two local hotels. Participants must mention that they are visiting Danlaw when booking.

  • Towne Place Suites Novi - 42600 W 11 Mile Road, Novi, Michigan, 48375, USA Tel. 248-305-5533
  • Detroit Courtyard Novi - 42700 W 11 Mile Road, Novi, Michigan, 48375, USA Tel. 248-380-1234

The closest airport is Detroit Metro. Travel time is approximately 30 minutes depending on traffic.

If you have any questions, please contact Andrew Donaldson (Danlaw) at:

Participants need to register in advance, please visit the PlugFest registration page