USDOT ITS Joint Program Office - Release 2.3 of the Research Data Exchange and New Data Sets from the Safety Pilot Model Deployment (SPMD) Program

New Connected Vehicle Data Sets from the Safety Pilot Model Deployment (SPMD) Program Are Now Available on the Research Data Exchange

The Research Data Exchange (RDE) is a web-based data resource provided by the USDOT Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Program. It collects, manages, and provides access to archived and real-time multi-source and multi-modal data to support the development and testing of ITS applications.

The RDE now houses two months of data from the Safety Pilot Model Deployment (SPMD) program. These sets of naturalistic driving data are a valuable resource for researchers and application developers to support the development of the next generation of transportation solutions. The data sets contain sanitized mobility data elements collected from about 3000 vehicles equipped with connected vehicle technologies while traversing Ann Arbor, Michigan. These sets of hyper-frequent, hyper-local data can facilitate analyses that can provide insights into safety, network mobility, and performance. The six SPMD data sets located on the RDE include:

  • The Data Acquisition System (DAS1) data set contains 4 text-based data files from UMTRI equipped vehicles, providing vehicles’ kinematic and geospatial information and trip summaries
  • The DAS2 data set contains 3 text-based vehicle operation data files from CAMP vehicles, providing similar data to the DAS1 data set
  • The BSM data set contains 15 CSV files, each containing vehicle attributes (e.g. location, speed, and heading), in addition to a file with other attributes (e.g. brake application, status of wipers)
  • The RSE data set contains 13 CSV files of messages transmitted or received by RSEs, including BSMs, and SPaT and MAP messages.
  • The Weather data set consists of corresponding weather information from the Nation Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Climatic Data Center.
  • The Network data set consists of 2 CSV files that contain traffic count data from Ann Arbor.

New Feature for Release 2.3

RDE Release 2.3 now includes the Data Graph tool as an alternative method to view the data and select subsets of the Safety Pilot Model Deployment data environment. Nodes of the graph present the number of records and the volume of data. Registered users are able to add files corresponding to selected graph nodes to their download cart.  A new download process eliminates waiting for a custom download; a link is emailed to the user when the data file has been produced and is ready to send.