The U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) at the Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITS America) 2018 Annual Meeting

Several of the USDOT's Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Joint Program Office (JPO) staff are participating in the ITS America 2018 Annual Meeting held in Detroit, Michigan, from June 4 to 7. The event features speakers and attendees from the private and public sectors alike. The theme for 2018 is Transportation 2.0, and many of the conference's sessions, demonstrations, and exhibits focus on the future of transportation.

Participation Highlights

The USDOT is hosting a booth at the event (booth #401), located at the entrance of the hall. In addition, USDOT representatives are also leading several sessions and workshops related to the latest connected and automated vehicle, data, cybersecurity, mobility on demand, and other ITS efforts and initiatives.

Session Schedule

The following are highlights of our participation. 

SS03: Emerging Communications Technology for Transportation
Speakers: Kevin Gay, ITS Joint Program Office (M); Gene McHale, FHWA; Jovan Zagajac, Ford Motor Company; Hideki Hada, Toyota Motor North America; Andrew Boedigheimer-Thiessen, National Telecommunications and Information Administration, ITS Boulder
Location: Cobo Center, 321
Date/Time: Tuesday, June 5; 8:30 - 9:45

This panel brings together a group of experts who will discuss the different communication technologies being utilized in current research programs. They will also provide their insights into future trends. The panel structure will include an opportunity for audience members to provide their insights into concerns, questions, needs, or best practices.

SS56: Multi-Modal ITS Update
Speakers: Ken Leonard, ITS Joint Program Office (M); Tim Johnson, NHTSA; Valerie Briggs, FHWA; Vincent Valdes, FTA; Kelly Regal, FMCSA
Location: Cobo Center, 331ABC
Date/Time: Tuesday, June 5;8:30 - 9:45

This session will discuss the current research activities and results from the USDOT perspective. It will include the participation of leadership from multiple modes.

SS13: Cybersecurity for ITS
Speakers: Kevin Gay, ITS Joint Program Office (M); Robert Heilman, NHTSA; Ed Fok, FHWA; David Weitzel, MITRE; Marisa Ramon, Southwest Research Institute
Location: Cobo Center, 320
Date/Time: Tuesday, June 5; 11:30 - 12:45

This panel will address activities underway to detect, prevent, and repair the impacts of cyber threats that cover the full range of ITS capabilities, including traditional ITS technologies such as traffic management systems and roadside equipment and new ITS technologies, such as automation and communications.

SS16: Mobility on Demand (MOD) - Where Maas Meets Transportation Operations
Speakers: Bob Sheehan, USDOT; Yi-Chiang Chiu, University of Arizona; Shaleen Srivastava, PTV Group
Location:Cobo Center, 330A
Date/Time: Tuesday, June 5; 11:30 - 12:45

MOD is a vision of a network of safe, affordable, and reliable transportation options when, where, and how travelers want it. MOD is grounded in a foundation that personalized mobility is key. This session will review the progress of MOD in the United States, including the USDOT Federal Transit Administration's 11 MOD Sandbox sites, ongoing national research, and the state of ITS to support MOD.

SS27: USDOT Intelligent Transportation Systems: New Knowledge Exchange Initiatives
Speakers: Marcia Pincus, ITS Joint Program Office; Michelle Noch, ITS Joint Program Office
Location: Cobo Center, 321
Date/Time: Tuesday, June 5; 11:30 - 12:45

The USDOT's ITS Program is seeking to accelerate deployment of ITS technology and market innovations by providing useful, comprehensive information, training, and tech transfer tools. This session will explore how the program engages stakeholders in knowledge exchange and helps participants create a better plan for effective and successful decision making, acquisition and procurement, implementation, and evaluation of ITS projects.

SS28: Measuring Success: The Connected Vehicle Pilots
Speakers: Egan Smith, ITS JPO (M); Walter During, FHWA; James McCarthy, FHWA - Minnesota Division Office; Sampson Asare, Noblis 
Location: Cobo Center, 311AB
Date/Time: Wednesday, June 6; 10:15 - 11:45

This session will discuss how each Connected Vehicle Pilot site plans to measure the effectiveness of connected vehicle technology and baseline their current traffic safety situations, and how each of the connected vehicle applications are performing in real-world settings.

SS29: From Years to Seconds: Making Real-Time Data the New Default
Speakers: Ariel Gold, ITS Joint Program Office (M); Tony English, Wyoming Department of Transportation
Location: Cobo Center, 330B
Date/Time: Wednesday, June 6; 10:15 - 11:30

The session will discuss how the USDOT accelerated its ability to provide data, a process that previously took months or years, and made real-time data access a part of its new policy. The session will include a deep dive on data management in the Wyoming Connected Vehicle Pilot, USDOT data policies and systems, and lessons learned along the way.

SS47: USDOT Roundtable on Data for Automated Vehicle Safety: What's Next
Speakers: Ariel Gold, ITS Joint Program Office (M); Finch Fulton, USDOT Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy; Valerie Briggs, FHWA
Location: Cobo Center, 330B
Date/Time: Wednesday, June 6; 4:00 - 5:15

The USDOT hosted the Roundtable on Data for Automated Vehicle Safety in December 2017 to discuss potential priorities for voluntary data exchange to accelerate safe deployment of automated vehicles. This session will discuss key takeaways from the roundtable and next steps.