U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) Releases the ITS Test Procedure Generator (TPG) Tool Version 3

The USDOT recently released Version 3 of the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) TPG tool. The TPG tool facilitates the deployment of interoperable center-to-field (C2F) systems. C2F communication is between a center-type system (e.g., traffic management center) and a field-type system (e.g., roadway equipment). The tool can reduce developmental risks, effort, and the cost of developing standards and test procedures.

Agencies can use the TPG tool to generate test procedures to help determine an implementation's conformance to the National Transportation Communications for ITS Protocol (NTCIP) C2F Device Interface Standards. If extensions to the standard have been added for the project, the test procedures generated by the TPG tool can be used to help determine compliance to a project specification.

The TPG tool provides users with two important capabilities for complying with the NTCIP C2F Device Interface Standards with Systems Engineering Content and NTCIP 8002 Annex B1 formatting. These capabilities include: 

  • Guiding the development of test procedures for selected requirements in NTCIP C2F standards.
  • Importing draft versions of NTCIP C2F standards into the TPG tool for standards developers to generate a report of any non-compliance issues to NTCIP 8002 Annex B1. The report details any discrepancies between requirements and design details.

Version 3 of the TPG tool includes the following updates: 

  • Windows 7 and Windows 10 compatibility
  • Compatibility with protected Microsoft Word versions of standards available from the standards development organizations (The Word versions of NTCIP 1203, NTCIP 1209, and NTCIP 1211 are now posted online, and more standards will be added in the near future.) 
  • Support for deprecated and obsolete requirements, dialogs, and objects
  • XML schema documentation for the TPG produced test procedures
  • Microsoft Office 2010 compatibility
  • Minor bug fixes.

To download the installation files and user manual for TPG Version 3, visit: https://www.standards.its.dot.gov/DeploymentResources/Tools.