The U.S. Department of Transportation Releases Paper on Public Sentiment Regarding Automated Vehicles

The U.S. Department of Transportation has released a paper summarizing the results and implications of past research on the dynamics of consumer adoption of automated vehicles.

The paper, "Understanding Surveys of Public Sentiment Regarding Automated Vehicles: Summary of Results to Date and Implications of Past Research on the Dynamics of Consumer Adoption," explores the public's outlook on automated vehicles, focusing specifically on attitudes regarding safety, trust, and willingness to try, as well as the factors that influence those opinions. It compiles the results of numerous surveys and studies conducted over the past 4 years and tracks consumer attitudes over time, against the backdrop of newsworthy events in the development, testing, and early deployment of automated vehicles. 

The paper also presents an overview of research on the factors that affect consumer technology adoption, particularly in the context of innovative technologies, and identifies implications of this research for future assessments of the public's interest in automated vehicles.

Download the full paper to learn more.