The U.S. Department of Transportationís Transforming Transportation Advisory Committee Seeks Members

The U.S. Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT) recently created the Transforming Transportation Advisory Committee (TTAC). The committee was established to advise the Secretary on how innovative technologies can transform transportation in a manner that prioritizes safety and security, equity, climate goals, accessibility, economic competitiveness, and opportunities for our workforce. The TTAC may consider and provide recommendations to the Secretary on a range of topics, including (but not limited to):

  • Integrated approaches and finding ways to promote greater cross-modal integration of emerging technologies, in particular applications to deploy automation.
  • Policies that encourage innovation to grow and support a safe and productive U.S. workforce, as well as foster economic competitiveness and job quality.
  • Approaches and frameworks that encourage the secure exchange and sharing of transformative transportation data, including technologies and infrastructure, across the public and private sectors that can guide core policy decisions across DOT's strategic goals.
  • Exploring ways the Department can identify and elevate cybersecurity solutions and protect privacy across transportation systems and infrastructure.

The U.S. DOT is currently soliciting nominations through 8/19/22 to join the TTAC. To nominate yourself or a colleague, please send the following information to

  1. A biography, including professional and academic credentials.
  2. A resume or curriculum vitae, which must include relevant job experience, qualifications, as well as contact information (full legal name, email, telephone, and mailing address).
  3. A one-page statement describing how the candidate will benefit TTAC, considering the candidate's unique perspective that will advance the conversation. This statement must also identify the stakeholder group that the candidate would represent.
  4. State the level of expertise in the stakeholder group that is being represented as well as the size of the constituency being represented.
  5. If applicable, state any previous experience on a Federal Advisory committee.

Nominations must include, in full, these materials to be considered for membership.

For additional information, please review our Notice to Establish the TTAC and our Notice to Solicit Members for the TTAC.

You may also email questions to us at