Research Archive

Research Archive


Safety applications are designed to reduce or eliminate crashes through V2V and V2I communications that support real-time driver advisories and warnings.


New mobility technologies capture and provide real-time data that can be used by transportation managers and travelers in a wide range of applications.


Environmental applications allow travelers and operators to make "green" transportation choices that reduce the environmental impact of each trip.

Road Weather

Road weather connected vehicle transportation technologies will help address the safety and mobility impacts that weather has on roads, vehicles, and travelers.


Policy research identifies critical policy and institutional issues that can present challenges to successful deployment of ITS technologies.

Connected Vehicle Technology

A connected vehicle evironment requires a robust, underlying technological platform that can provide consistent, interoperable, and safe operations for all users.

Automated Vehicle


Intermodal research seeks to incorporate new advances in transportation into mode-specific technologies to maximize safety, mobility, and environmental performance.

ITS Cross-Cutting Resources

ITS cross-cutting support are functions that ensure the effective and successful implementation, operation, and evaluation of ITS.


Exploratory research pursues forward-looking, creative ideas from the public for new technologies that warrant further attention regarding ways to improve safety, mobility, and the environmental impacts of transportation.

Research Success Stories

The ITS Program's past research focused on the use of ITS technologies to help agencies maximize their transportation infrastructure investments.