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Program Management Plan Research Progress and Insights

The objective of the ITS evaluation program is to determine the effectiveness and benefits of deployed ITS and the value of ITS program investments. Evaluations are critical to ensuring progress toward the vision of integrated intelligent transportation systems and achieving ITS deployment goals. Evaluations are also critical to an understanding of the value, effectiveness, and impacts of the ITS Program activities and to allow for the continual refinement of the ITS Program’s strategy. To carry out these efforts, the ITS Evaluation Program has activities in six tracks:

  • Track 1: ITS Research Evaluation: Efforts in this track seek to establish a common point of reference for evaluation and comparing different research activities.  Oversight is provided to ensure that methodologies are aligned with Federal government guidelines.
  • Track 2: ITS Deployment Tracking Surveys: This is a continuing effort to track and analyze results of surveys provided every three years to deploying agencies. These efforts have established a one-of-a-kind database that supports important longitudinal analysis to gather insights into direct and indirect effects of decisions, incentives, and other types of support.
  • Track 3: ITS Deployment Evaluation: This effort uses the databases developed with the ITS survey results to perform analysis for the ITS Program and modal partners. The results assist the ITS Program in making targeted program investments that more effectively support deployment.
  • Track 4: ITS Program Evaluation: Activities in this track are focused on providing evaluations for major ITS research initiatives such as the Integrated Corridor Management or the Urban Partnership Agreements. Current efforts including developing a plan for evaluation of the Connected Vehicle initiatives, including coordination with the Safety Pilot Model Deployment test plans.
  • Track 5: Knowledge Management: The wealth of insights and results from surveys and evaluations forms a broad and deep knowledge base to support current and future ITS deployments. Efforts in this track turn these resources into databases and other, easily accessible materials that are used in decision making, training, and providing assistance.
  • Track 6: Knowledge Transfer: Efforts in this track seek to link the knowledge management resources to training and decision making.