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Road Weather connected vehicle applications are the next generation of applications and services that assess, forecast, and address the impacts that weather has on roads, vehicles, and travelers. The applications and services are intended to capitalize on the previous Clarus Initiative research that has delivered a network of road weather information by integrating existing data sources. Through additional research, technology development, and community outreach, connected vehicle Road Weather Applications research will develop greater specificity regarding the impact that weather has on roadways and promote strategies and tools that mitigate those impacts. Such strategies will build upon decision support tools currently undergoing development, testing, and deployment (such as those developed under the Road Weather Management Program, e.g., the Clarus Regional Demonstrations and the Maintenance Decision Support System (MDSS)).

In close coordination with and cutting across the efforts under the other connected vehicle research programs, the vision for the Road Weather applications research is to broaden the foundation of road weather data to include mobile sources and to focus the analysis on improving the ability to detect and forecast road weather and pavement conditions by specific roadway links.