The ITS Joint Program Office (JPO) established the AI for ITS Program to research AI as a priority area to accelerate adoption of AI by state and local agencies for addressing transportation problems.

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Advance next-generation transportation systems and services by leveraging trustworthy, ethical AI (including machine learning) for safer, more efficient, and accessible movement of people and goods

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Identify, develop, implement, evaluate, and coordinate technology and policy research to advance the contextualization and integration of AI and machine learning into all aspects of the transportation system

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  • Accelerate deployment and evaluation of AI for ITS applications.
  • Spur innovation of potentially transformative AI for ITS applications.
  • Maximize value, making the best use of USDOT resources.
  • Facilitate nationwide adoption of trustworthy, ethical AI-driven ITS.


Please explore this site for a more detailed description of the program and progress. We will continue to upload relevant program information for public consumption as it becomes available. For inquiries regarding the program, please contact the USDOT Point of Contact below.

Dr. Jonathan B. Walker, P.E., Ph.D.

Chief Policy, Architecture, and Knowledge Transfer

Office of the Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology

ITS Joint Program Office

(202) 366-2199