The U.S. Department of Transportation’s ITS research focuses on several high-priority areas, including Emerging and Enabling Technologies, Data Access and Exchanges, Cybersecurity for ITS, Automation, ITS4US, and Accelerating ITS Deployment. The ITS JPO Strategic Plan 2020-2025 includes in-depth discussion of the ITS Program’s strategic goals, these research areas, and four technology transfer programs.

  • Accelerating ITS Deployment: This research area focuses on transitioning federally funded innovations into adoption and widespread use. It includes four technology transfer programs:
  • Automation: This technology has the potential to transform safety, mobility, energy, and environmental efficiency, as well as to increase productivity and facilitate freight movement within America’s transportation system. Through this research area, ITS JPO will facilitate multimodal automation research and collaboration in safety, infrastructure interoperability, and policy analysis.
  • ITS4US: This research area addresses the persistent and serious lack of transportation access and availability for Americans who face economic restraints, live in remote areas, or have other limitations due to disability or age.
  • ITS Cybersecurity Research: This research area addresses the need to protect ITS from cyber-attacks and pursues accountability and effectiveness. As transportation becomes more reliant upon advanced technologies, securing critical assets and infrastructure from malicious actors is of the utmost importance to ensure the safety of all transportation users.
  • Data Access and Exchanges: Access to harmonized data throughout the nation is essential to the integration of automated vehicles, which are highly dependent upon data. To address this need, Data Access and Exchange focuses on enabling access to core transportation data across the ITS ecosystem.
  • Emerging and Enabling Technologies: This new research area is focused on identifying and assessing next-generation technologies. Creating programs to evaluate, support, and implement new technologies will ensure U.S. DOT and its partners remain at the forefront of transportation innovation and evolution.