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How Can the ICM Knowledgebase Help You?

Leading Edge Knowledge in ICM

The ICM Knowledgebase is "the source" for leading-edge research on ICM being developed out of the USDOT's ICM Initiative. The eight Pioneer Sites are developing innovative ICM strategies and documenting their approaches every step of the way so that others can learn from their experiences. The USDOT is conducting research on their efforts including modeling and simulation as well as ultimately evaluation of demonstrations of some of the most promising strategies.

Intuitively Find the Information You Need

The ICM Knowledgebase contains documentation and resources developed through the USDOT's ICM Initiative. It is designed to help you find the information you are looking for in the ICM Knowledgebase by one of two ways: You can search the ICM Knowledgebase by keyword or ICM related conference, or you can view all of the ICM Knowledgebase documents organized in a variety of ways based on your informational needs. Its multiple search options are designed to help you conveniently find the information you need today!

Know Before You Open

The ICM Knowledgebase provides you an informational snapshot of the documents you are considering to help you decide whether it is worth your time to open or download the document, including a document summary, what kinds of professionals may find the document useful, how to use the document, document size and publication information.

Always There and Getting Better Every Day

The ICM Knowledgebase is always there for you and getting better every quarter as new materials are added. Consider it an archive of ICM resources that can save you space on your own computer. Rather than sending your colleagues documents, simply send them the link in the ICM Knowledgebase.

If you have any further questions or would like to see additional content in the Knowledgebase, email